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Welcome to an open source noni data base. Contribute and share the knowledge. Read the disclaimer [here]

Please, show respect; No product, person, nor company endorcements or placements are allowed. Do not mention or link to any commercial ones. You are not allowed to share any contact information on this site. The only resources or persons that might be mentioned should be already made public and related to facts, research, knowledge, or insight about noni. Personal experiences are welcome. Mind you that the different language areas are not identical to each other, though the main structure of the site is.

The mission with this site is to get to know why noni works, when it doesn’t work, and how it works. Discussion about different uses are also open.

This post is also available in: Finnish, Swedish

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  1. VikingKnight says:

    if you have a lot -share, if you have less -give from your heart

    a Merry Christmas to you all!

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