Johannes Westendorf & Cornelia Mettlich


Morinda citrifolia

Old Traditions
and Modern Recognition

by Johannes Westendorf & Cornelia Mettlich


introduction by Leland D. White

The authors of the book present for the reader a comprehensive overview of the history, traditional and contemporary usages, scientific research, and future health and wellness potential of the noni plant.
Through its long history of more than 3000 years of use in traditional medicine, there has developed a myriad of anecdotal evidences for it prophylactic and curative miracles. However, very little scientific research exists to substantiate these health claims. Serious scientific research did not begin until 1985, when there appeared in scientific print a publication alluding to a previously unknownm but health-promoting enzyme from noni fruit. A decade later, a company was founded in the US, *censored*, which began researching and marketing a beverage based on noni-fruit juice. As the marketing of noni by *censored* succeeded, noni research and visibility mushroomed. During the first decade of the new millennium, scientists from around the world intensified their prbings to better understand, and demystify many of the miracles attributed to noni. As a result, new and exciting scientific publications have appeared in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, unraveling it chemistry.
In this book, the authors describe the geographic origins, and traditional usages of noni. They include balanced reports on human-case studies, which originally alleged negative side effects from the consumption of noni juice. They also summarize much of the scientific research on human and animal safety of noni consumption. They explain the interactions of noni’s chemicals at the cellular level, what causes many of the maladies of humankind, and why at times, they can be so intracable. Finally, they provide easily understandable and thought-provoking overviews of how and why noni works its miracles in the human body.


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