Ethnobotanical uses

Dr. Duke’s Ethnobotanical uses

Morinda citrifolia PRESL (RUBIACEAE)

Abdomen Burkill,1966; Ague Burkill,1966; Beriberi Burkill,1966; Chest Burkill,1966; Colic Burkill,1966; Convulsion Burkill,1966; Cough Burkill,1966; Diabetes Burkill,1966; Dysuria Burkill,1966; Emmenagogue Burkill,1966; Fever Burkill,1966; Hepatosis Burkill,1966; Laxative Burkill,1966; Leukorrhea Burkill,1966; Nausea Burkill,1966; Sapraemia Burkill,1966; Shampoo Burkill,1966; Smallpox Burkill,1966; Splenomegaly Burkill,1966; Swelling Burkill,1966
Morinda citrifolia (RUBIACEAE)

Abscess Eb28: 24; Ache(Head) Liogier; Ache(Tooth) Eb25: 444, Eb28: 24; Ague Eb28: 24; Analgesic Liogier; Anodyne Altschul, Woi.6; Arthritis Altschul, Eb25: 444; Bite(Bug) Eb28: 24; Boil Altschul, Eb28: 24; Breast Eb28: 24; Cathartic Woi.6; Collyrium Eb28: 24; Conjunctivitis Eb28: 24; Cough Eb28: 24; Diarrhea Eb25: 444; Diuretic Eb28: 24; Dysentery Woi.6; Elephantiasis Eb28: 24; Emmenagogue Eb25: 444; Eye Eb28: 24; Fever Eb28: 24, Woi.6; Filariasis Eb25: 444; Gingivitis Eb25: 444, Woi.6; Gout Woi.6; Inflammation Eb28: 24; Jaundice Eb28: 24; Kidney Eb25: 444; Laxative Eb28: 24; Leucorrhea Woi.6; Medicine Eb25: 444; Myalgia Eb25: 444; Nausea Eb28: 24; Purgative Altschul; Rheumatism Altschul, Eb25: 444; Sapraemia Woi.6; Sedative Brutus; Sore Eb25: 444; Sty Eb28: 24; Swelling Eb25: 444; Tetanus Eb28: 24; Throat Woi.6; Tonic Eb25: 444; Tuberculosis Eb28: 24; Wound Eb25: 250, Eb28: 24, Liogier

Scientific name: morinda citrifolia

This post is also available in: Finnish, Swedish

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