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By Steve Schechter, N.D., H.H.P. – Taken from Total Health Magazine

The herb Morinda citrifolia has been generating enthusiasm within the natural health industry. Morinda citrifolia, known throughout the South Pacific Islands as Nonu and Nono, is commonly referred to as Noni. Noni is beneficial for both prevention and self-help for a wide range of health problems.

The widespread benefits of Noni have been recorded throughout the South Pacific, China and the Caribbean. During the Han dynasty in China 2,000 years ago, there were written reports of Noni’s benefits. The Noni plant has been used for 1,500 years by the native Polynesian people as their most important health remedy. Noni is and has been the most popular herb of the South Pacific.



Research indicates Noni is useful for a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Producing unique anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Regulating cell function and cellular regeneration of damaged cells. Since Noni seem
    to operate on the very basic and critical cellular level, it is useful for a wide variety of conditions.
  • Fighting against many types of bacteria, including E. coli.
  • Stimulating the production of T-cells in the immune system. (T-cells play a pivotal role in fighting off disease.)
  • Inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors. Damnacanthal, a compound found in Morinda citrifolia, was found to inhibit pre-cancer function.
  • Generating adaptogenic properties.
  • Stimulating and enhancing the immune system, including macrophages and lymphocytes – vital components of the white blood cells and the body’s natural defenses. As a clinical therapist, I have seen Morinda citrifolia generate significant, even profound, therapeutic benefits for both prevention and self-help of a wide range of health problems. I have many testimonials from people across the U.S. who have successfully used Noni to rid themselves of debilitating pain. I have seen Morinda citrifolia cure chronic severe pain such as regular, debilitating headaches, neuromuscular pain and joint pain. Sometimes the results were surprisingly fast.It is important to remember that Noni works as an excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Noni contains two of the best antioxidants – vitamin C and selenium – plus other substances that counteract inflammatory and irritating free radicals in the body, reduce inflammation and significantly decrease pain. Modern technology has confirmed what the Polynesian healers have known all along. Morinda citrifolia (Noni) is rich in vitamins, minerals trace elements, enzymes, beneficial alkaloids, co-factors and plant sterols. It also provides health-enhancing compounds such as antioxidants, phytonutrients and bioflavonoids.

    In addition to the documented benefits listed below there are many more additional claims to traditional benefits but as of yet no confirming research.


    • Reduces pain (analgesic).
    • Reduces inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Cleanses the GI tract without the dangerous side effects of drugs Regulates cell function and cellular regeneration of damaged cells, thus regulating physiological functions throughout the body
    • Works at molecular level to repair damaged cells
    • Improves transportation of cellular oxygen
    • Increases energy and elevates mood
    • Antibacterial, anticatarrhal, anticongestive, astringent, blood purifier, emmenagogue, emollient, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), laxative, tonic and inhibits certain tumors and cancer growth
    • Adaptogen – restoring the body to normal function
    • Antioxidant
    • Protein and enzyme regulator
    • Often produces quick and powerful benefits

    It is important to note that some of the active constituents of Noni are water-soluble, therefore they tend to be eliminated via the urine or perspiration. One study showed that Noni fruit constituents peak in the blood approximately two hours after ingestion and start declining after four hours, yet they are still active after 12 hours. The implications of this study agree with my own clinical observations that usually for optimal benefits, Noni is best taken several times per day in staggered or divided doses rather than
    just once or twice. More importantly it shows that for optimal results it is best to take Noni like many other tonic or adaptogenic herbs on a daily ongoing basis as has been done traditionally throughout history.

    Steve Schechter, N.D., H.H.P., is a naturopathic doctor, holistic health practitioner, consultant and medical writer. He directs the Natural Healing Institute, Inc., a state-licensed and certified college and clinic of Naturopathy in Encinitas, CA, providing license and certification programs. He authored the best-selling book Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutant with Foods, Herbs, and Vitamins – Documented Natural Remedies That Boost Your Immunity and Detoxify (Vitality Ink, Encinitas, CA).

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